Digital Voice Stress Analyzer – Free to US Law Enforcement

DVSA is provided FREE to US Law Enforcement through our Grant program.

Voice Stress Analysis, innovation!

Providing superior VSA features today that others promise for the future™.

Digital Voice Stress Analysis – DVSA v6.1.2 created with the power of cutting-edge micro-technology, offering a host of proven best-in-class features, and providing faster, more successful truth verification or credibility assessment examination results for criminal justice, government, military units and intelligence agencies.

*FREE DVSA™  software is provided to U.S. Law Enforcement agencies and / or individual sworn officers as a public service through Private Criminal Justice Grants by the developer – a $9,950 value.

*Examiner training tuition ($1795) and annual recertification ($350) are your only costs.

Our widely acclaimed five day training courses are hosted frequently throughout the US by sponsoring law enforcement agencies. Numerous examiners have ceased using outdated VSA systems in favor of Baker DVSA™.

RESTRICTED USE: The US Government has designated DVSA™ as “Restricted Crime Control Technology” and therefore is EXPORT RESTRICTED. Available for law enforcement, investigators, government and military units only. DVSA is not available to the general public.

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