DVSA computer screen

Digital Voice Stress Analyzer – Free to US Law Enforcement

DVSA is provided FREE to US Law Enforcement through our Grant program. Voice Stress Analysis, innovation! Providing superior VSA features today that others promise for the future™. Digital Voice Stress Analysis – DVSA v6.1.2 created with the power of cutting-edge micro-technology, offering a host of proven best-in-class features, and providing faster, more successful truth verification or credibility assessment…

Unique features screen

Unique Features of DVSA

DVSA©™ Examination intake data, Record function, Voice Streaming window, test activity of subject and dropdown of 14 test protocols display. Just add issue specific questions. Recognized world leader in voice biometrics – vastly superior to outdated systems. Providing advanced features today that competitors seek for the future. DVSA© includes traditional VSA features, however, DVSA© is…

Spectrograph Screen

Spectrograph Mode for Voice ID

Voice Spectrograph Mode™ for voice comparison and identification. The free-ware Sound Spectrograph is a tool which has been much used to study sounds, notably speech, since the 1940s. Most versions store the sound, and then analyse it, displaying the results on a screen or on a paper printout. We utilize quality analogue or digital audio recordings for…