Unique Features of DVSA

DVSA©™ Examination intake data, Record function, Voice Streaming window, test activity of subject and dropdown of 14 test protocols display. Just add issue specific questions.

Recognized world leader in voice biometrics – vastly superior to outdated systems.

Providing advanced features today that competitors seek for the future.

DVSA© includes traditional VSA features, however, DVSA© is the only copyrighted voice analysis software with:

  • Instantaneous Speech STREAMING Display©™.
  • Test Antagonistic Response Alethiometric display.
  • Voice SPECTROGRAPH Imaging©™ Technology.
  • CHARTS REPORT©™ which writes the report in the background saving valuable time.
  • Voice Stress patterns with baseline display to verify ambient noise and identify absence of “clipping.”
  • VAST – Voice Analysis Scoring Tool©™ ±0 Scoring Method©
  • Proprietary interview procedures for removing defensive barriers and obtaining confessions.

DVSA© is used by local, state and federal agencies, as well as by Military and Intelligence units.

In just fifteen years DVSA© has become the number one VSA “software application program VSA system” in the world. Other systems don’t even come close to Baker-DVSA©. In features and benefits DVSA© is vastly superior to all other VSA systems.

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