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  • Digital Voice Stress Analyzer

    DVSA is provided FREE to US Law Enforcement through our Grant program. VOICE STRESS ANALYSIS, innovation! Providing superior VSA features today that others promise for the future™. Digital Voice Stress Analysis – DVSA v6.1.2 created with the power of cutting-edge micro-technology, offering... Read→

  • Spectrograph Mode for Voice ID

    Voice Spectrograph Mode™ for voice comparison and identification. The free-ware Sound Spectrograph is a tool which has been much used to study sounds, notably speech, since the 1940s. Most versions store the sound, and then analyse it, displaying the results on a screen or on a paper printout. We... Read→

  • Unique Features

    DVSA©™ Examination intake data, Record function, Voice Streaming window, test activity of subject and dropdown of 16 test protocols display. Just add issue specific questions. Recognized world leader in voice biometrics – vastly superior to outdated systems. PROVIDING ADVANCED FEATURES TODAY... Read→

welcome to Baker DVSA

                                                                  DIGITAL VOICE STRESS ANALYSIS (DVSA)©

DVSA is the credibility assessment software of choice in law enforcement. “Credibility Assessment” is the new politically correct name for Lie Detection, Forensic Polygraph, Psychophysiology testing, and Truth Verification examining.  The number of agencies utilizing DVSA continues to grow dramatically, proving the worldwide viability for ultramodern crime fighting. In 18 years we have become the worldwide leader providing only DVSA software and/or related law enforcement training in interview and interrogation. We do not distribute computers or peripheral equipment. DVSA Software is available through our Criminal Justice Grant Program for US agencies, and installs on currently owned laptops, thus saving precious resources – reasonable multiple computer installation permitted. Competitors require purchase for each system installation. 

We are not so self-absorbed and egotistical to claim that DVSA “solves crimes”. In fact, highly trained investigators solve crimes using our DVSA forensic software. They are the true heroes!  DVSA Certified Examiner Course (CEC) is P.O.S.T Certified in numerous States and is accepted as “in-service” training in others.

NEWS:  Texas, USA no longer licenses polygraph / detection-of-deception examiners.  DVSA is now available for Texas law enforcement and government agencies for specific issue testing and pre-employment / selection screening of applicants.  DVSA software is provided through our Criminal Justice Grant program.  5-day Examiner training is still $1500.00.  Certified Examiner Courses are hosted by select agencies throughout the United States and internationally.  

NEWS:  Several years ago the Pakistan government  requested to purchase VSA technology.  We were advised that Pakistan Intelligence Services and thus the government was supporting the anti US Taliban terrorist in Afghanistan.  We chose not to deal with Pakistan.  Our major competitor did so.  Shame on them!  

NEWS:  Trade in outdated  NITV-CVSA, PSE, or AVSA-Pro software in exchange for DVSA and training for one examiner. 

NEWS:  As a public service we will provide free analysis of cold case audio recordings of witnesses or suspects to assist law enforcement close those cases.  Contact us via our Email addresses for assistance. 


What we do:

BAKER GROUP INTERNATIONAL provides law enforcement agencies and government investigative / intelligence units the right VSA forensic credibility assessment software along with behavioral analysis – interview & interrogation training solutions to meet mission goals – anywhere, anytime.


In an effort to repay our law enforcement and government agencies for incredible personal opportunities to our founder over the past 51 years, we make our DVSA Software available through our Criminal Justice Grant Program for US agencies, WE ARE NOT GREEDY! Your only cost is 5-day training tuition and annual re-certification. DVSA Certified Examiner Courses are hosted by selected law enforcement and government agencies throughout the United States and internationally.  

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Email:  [email protected]

Visit frequently for updated important news regarding VSA.

DVSA Law Enforcement Examiners’ Course is CERTIFIED by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board. The first VSA so certified since VSA was legalized by the State Legislature.  DVSA Examiner Course is CERTIFIED by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy / Training Board (ILEA) for training law enforcement officers in Indiana.  Instructors are also certified. No other VSA system has been so certified in Indiana.  Other States P.O.S.T. accepts CEC for “in-service” training.  

A number of law enforcement agencies have changed from the outdated CVSA, Lantern and PSE to Baker-DVSA because of our up-to-date state-of the-art features, benefits, unmatched academic style training  and legendary client service.



At least one of the top 5 courses I have ever attended in my law enforcement career. Dr. Baker brings to the table over 45 years of expertise in voice stress analysis. An instructor who is knowledgeable in the field of interviews and interrogation, and determining deception. A must have course to add to any “toolbox”.

Detective Travis Savoy, Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office

(Sergeant, Louisiana State Police, (Ret)


Detective Peter Normandin & Detective John Lee, Niceville Police Department, Niceville, FL

Former users of CVSA II now using DVSA. ” Dr. Baker is very knowledgeable on this course. Easy to talk to and get answers. Quite enjoyable, Thanks. ”  ” Good class and great tool.”


Detective Christopher Covelli, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Waukegan IL 60085

Dr. Baker was an awesome instructor. It is clear he is extremely experienced in this field. Dr. Baker took time to answer all of our questions and ensured we all have a clear understanding of all topics associated with VSA. Dr. Baker goes above and beyond and even makes himself available by email / cellular for any questions we may have after the class. I learned so much in this class and I owe it all to Dr. Baker — a huge thank you to him for all of his teaching.


Chief Thomas Scully, Orland Hills Police Department, Orland Hills, IL

“As a police chief with more than 20 plus years of service, I have attended countless training classes. By far, this class was the most valuable. The material presented along with the instructor’s subject knowledge and experience make this a “must take” course for anyone charged with investigating
crimes. The time and money spent were well worth it. The most informative and interesting class I have attended.”


Detective Sgt. Dan Kuttner, St. Charles Police Department, St. Charles, IL

I attended Dr. Baker’s Digital Voice Stress Analysis certification class. During the same week of the class, St Charles Police was actively investigating an Aggravated Domestic Battery to a Child incident in which a toddler was severely beaten. The suspect was taken into custody and agreed to take a DVSA test, in which he indicated deception. Through further interviews wherein the suspect was confronted with the test results, the suspect provided incriminating statements, which ultimately resulted in a significant prison sentence. The DVSA test proved to be a valuable tool the first time our agency employed it, and on a very serious offense. We have used the DVSA with similar positive results in many subsequent cases as well. It continues to be a positive asset in our investigations.

Editor’s note: This was Detective Kuttner’s very first DVSA examination after graduating from the Digital Voice Stress Analysis Law Enforcement Examiner Course.


Jared S. McKee, Chief of Police, Plainfield Police Department, IN

Security Director , FireWatch Security Consultants, Inc., Plainfield, IN

Dr. Baker and the DVSA system is a real asset to the law enforcement/security community. Words alone cannot describe what a great tool Dr. Baker’s DVSA system is. I have been in the law enforcement field for many years and have had the opportunity to utilize several different truth verification instruments. My prior experiences left me with an overwhelming sense that most of these instruments were unreliable in the detection of deceit and in many cases taught poor user practices.

After attending Dr. Baker’s examiner course I was intrigued by his passion for this industry. His instruction was very direct and to the point. I left the course with a true understanding of not only the DVSA but also the philosophy of deception. Regardless of that, I was still somewhat skeptical of the reliability of the instrument. Utilizing this instrument on several active cases I am now truly amazed by the simplicity and accuracy of the DVSA and the techniques that Dr. Baker teaches. It definitely allows you to have a more personal interaction with the examinee and allows for more flexibility in testing. The charts are some of the easiest to read and learning the basics is simple. The money savings alone is worth the change.

I absolutely encourage anyone who is currently utilizing other Voice Stress Analyzers to take a serious look at Dr Baker and his DVSA system. Your only regret will be that you did not choose Dr. Baker’s DVSA system first.


Georgia Department of Community Supervision.

DVSA has been an awesome tool for us!

  • We utilize DVSA examinations when conducting Internal Investigations.
  • In June of 2016, DCS began utilizing DVSA exams as a pre-hire tool in the hiring process for officer applicants.

FY2016 (June2016):  

Certified Examiners:   5

FY2017 (July 2016-June 2017):

Certified Examiners:   8

DVSA is the final step in the hiring process for us.  We have a lot of steps – interview, criminal background, driver’s history, medical exam, drug test, psychological, DVSA.  For the applicants that make it all the way to DVSA, the examiners conduct a “courtesy” test, even if the applicant DQs himself during the pre-interview review of the DVSA booklet.  The applicants who aren’t offered employment after the DVSA either DQed or hiring managers opted to not offer employment due to something the applicant disclosed in the booklet/pre-interview. We consider DVSA a very useful tool!

Maryann K. Dillard | Director, Office of Professional Standards



ILLINOIS STYLE: Some by an alternative tool for lie detection that they say seems to be reliable.

(Associated Press: Chicago, IL)

“I’m not saying it’s infallible,” Algonquin police Detective Sgt. Doug Lamz said. “But anecdotally, I haven’t seen it be wrong yet.”
Proponents say that voice-stress analysis is simpler, more portable, and less expensive than a polygraph machine. It uses a laptop computer and a microphone to monitor voice “micro-tremors” during suspect interviews, taking into account nervousness, stimulants and other factors.

In January, Lake in the Hills police became the first department in Illinois to use the voice-stress analysis software and testing method from The Baker Group. The Florida company is one of two manufacturers to supply and train Illinois law-enforcement agencies.
Lake in the Hills police Sgt. David Brey said that although the tool was valuable, especially in helping rule out suspects, test results were never the sole factor in any investigation. “It aids in the direction of an investigation,” he said. “It’s just another tool to help gauge whether someone is being honest with us. But it does not figure into pressing charges.”

The technology can be used quickly and doesn’t require a department to retain a polygrapher. “It could take a month to get a polygrapher,” he said. “But with VSA, I can do it right here, right now.”

Voice stress analysis technology still is in the proving stage for Illinois police officers and sheriff’s deputies. The state General Assembly approved it for use about a year ago, making Illinois one of the last states to adopt the 30-year-old technology.

In the past few months, at least 27 law-enforcement agencies in Illinois have been trained to use voice stress analysis, 13 of those through The Baker Group. In McHenry and northern Kane counties, participating agencies include Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Johnsburg, Lake in the Hills, McHenry, Spring Grove, and the McHenry County sheriff’s department. The Baker Group donated the software to those agencies, which each sent officers for 40 hours of classroom training and 10 hours of home study, company founder Dr. Gary Baker said. Under state law, the officers must retrain annually.

Proponents of polygraphs and voice-stress analysis cite scores of studies to support the validity, and sometimes superiority, of their method.

Lamz said that just because the voice-stress analyzers are relatively inexpensive and easy to operate does not mean they are inferior to the polygraph. “I don’t think one piece of equipment is better than the other,” he said. “It comes down to the operator. You can’t beat the machine. You can beat the operator. It boils down to training and experience.”


Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop and offer the very best tools and solutions to provide law enforcement, military and intelligence units with accurate testing for Truth Verification and Credibility Assessment.


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